Board President –

Isaac Gonzalez (incumbent)

It has been my pleasure to serve as Sac BB Board President for the past two years. The work we have accomplished together in this club has restored our good standing with LEGO corporate, resulting in our re-entry in the LUG Bulk program, Event Support, and special AFOL Shopping Day events at the LEGO Store. We’ve participated in more public displays than ever before, begun holding quarterly weeknight meetups to increase our reach in the community and have grown the number of due-paying members multifold. If chosen to serve for another two years, I hope to increase our outreach even further and improve upon our many efforts through continued collaboration and creative enterprises.

Bryan Kilfoil 

Bryan has been a part of SacBB since December 2013, serving in a variety of roles both official and unofficial. He has participated in almost every club display since becoming a member, is enthusiastic about all things LEGO, has represented SacBB on Good Morning Sacramento on several occasions, and would like to continue to make the Sacramento Brick Builders a fun club to be part of!

Club Vice-President

Amy Briggs

Club Secretary

Chris Callahan

Club Treasurer

Greg Bullock (incumbent)