About Us

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Sacramento Brick Builders was founded in 2001 by like-minded fans of LEGO in the Sacramento Area. We strongly believe that the enjoyment of LEGO knows no boundaries, so a core principle of SacBB is to welcome members of all interests and aim to suit the needs of everyone. We are comprised of avid collectors, builders, and game players.

We hold monthly club meetings where we engage in diverse activities, such as build showcasing, parts drafts, speed building competitions, and monthly building challenges. We also collaborate on large-scale public displays several times a year. Check the Event Calendar for dates on meetings and public displays!
Our mission is to promote LEGO as a fun hobby, a creative endeavor and a social activity.


We’re always accepting new members, so if you’re interested in joining, please contact us at sacbrickbuilders(at)gmail(dot)com or join us for our next meeting.