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SacBB will divide involvement into three main categories. A person that interacts with SacBB will fall into one of the following categories. The categories are for determining that person(s) responsibility in the group.

Categories of Participation

Guest – This person(s) is not obligated to pay dues. They can participate in any SacBB activity that requires Guest Level involvement.
Volunteer – This is a person(s) that is not associated with SacBB, but helps with a SacBB project/program/event. They are not required to pay any dues. Members may ask the group to compensate people in this category.
Member – This person(s) is required to pay dues. They are eligible for any activity that requires the Member Level of involvement. They have the ability to vote on issues and may be required to participate in larger SacBB activities.


$10 for an individual for a period of 1 year.
$20 for a family for the period of 1 year. (Family consists of 2 or more individuals.)

Actions of Members

As a member, that individual has the right to take certain actions.
Bring up issues on how the group is run.
Vote on group decisions.
Request actions taken by officers in regards to that officer’s job.
Nominate candidates for officer positions.
The right to abstain from group decisions.

Benefits for Members

Each year the programs and events that SacBB participates in may change.
For 2016, this is the current list of benefits received as members:

  • A spot to display in the 2016 RR Museum Show
  • Chance to participate in the LUG Bulk Program
  • The ability to make friends with like minded people


Certain activities may have requirements other than participation level. These requirements will be decided upon by the group and/or the person coordinating the project/program/event. Examples of activities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Brick Wars
  • Drafting
  • Speed Building
  • Build Contests
  • LEGO Games
  • Free Build

Guidelines on Acceptable Content

SacBB’s content is a reflection of the group and its interests. Content should follow these basic guidelines.

  • Content should be family friendly
  • Content should not infringe on copyrighted material (i.e. falsely claiming an intellectual property as your own or using a copyrighted name like LEGO is affiliated in the content unless otherwise noted by said company.)
  • Content should relate to the SacBB group directly or the group’s interest
  • Content will comply with the rules of other organizations where applicable

Code of Conduct

SacBB is a family oriented group. The following code of conduct represent the type of environment SacBB wishes to foster in every venue.

  • Be respectful of others
  • Treat people the way you want to be treated
  • Do not use harsh/vulgar language
  • Dress appropriately during SacBB events (i.e. no drug related apparel, no offensive apparel, etc.)
  • Be mindful of the group and other people’s personal property
  • In the case of misbehaving children, address the parent of the child to handle the situation

Questions? Email us at sacbrickbuilders(at)gmail(dot)com